Unfulfilled Financial Needs

What am I looking at?

The gallery below shows a list of current requests from individuals in the Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid Network (RMMAN). Each request is numbered and appears as a card below which includes a name, the zip code of the request, the amount of funds which are requested and the amount remaining to be fulfilled as well as some more information about the request.

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How do I respond to a request?

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  1. Choose a request Find the request (card) below that you are interested in donating to. Take note of the type of financial platform that the individual accepts payment through (e.g. PayPal, Venmo etc. - as noted under ‘Payment Account Type’ just above the donate link) as well as the dollar amount showing under ‘Remaining’ which is the amount which has yet to be fulfilled for that request. To donate, simply click on the card with the name and information of the individual you’d like to donate to and then scroll down to the ‘Donate?’ link at the bottom. If you do not currently have an account for that platform you will need to create one in order to donate to that individual or find a different request which is requesting funds through a platform that you already have an account for.
  2. Fulfill request directly via (Venmo, CashApp etc.) When you click on the link to donate, you will be taken to a new page with a form on it. This is our ‘Financial Assistance Record Keeping Form’ and it helps us keep track of how much is donated for each request. On this page you will also see the platform or account type to use for donating (Venmo, CashApp etc.) and the individual’s username for that platform. Please click the link at the top of the form for the financial services platform that matches the one showing under ‘Account Type’ on the form. This will open a new window and go to that platform’s website. At this point, you will need to login with your credentials and manually make the payment in the amount you’d like to the user. The username or account name will be indicated on the form.
  3. Fill in Record Keeping Form Return to the tab or window with the ‘Financial Assistance Record Keeping Form’ on it. Fill out the space where it asks the ‘Amount you sent’, answer the question about whether you’d be interested in volunteering and click ‘Submit’ down below. That’s it! Repeat as many times as desired with different cards/requests! Revel in the fact that you are supporting those in your community! Thank you!
Want to post a request here? Fill out the Request Aid form.