Unfulfilled Needs

What am I looking at?

The gallery below shows a list of current requests from individuals in the Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid Network (RMMAN). Each request is numbered and appears as a card below which includes a name, the zip code of the request and some more information about the request.

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How do I respond to a request?

  1. Find the request (card) below that you are interested in responding to. Click on the card to expand the information and review the details of the request.
  2. If you are able to provide the type of assistance requested (in part or in whole), scroll down to the bottom of the card and click the link at the bottom. This will open a new window with a form to provide your contact information.
  3. A volunteer ‘matchmaker’ will respond to your offer of assistance to get some more information and then connect you with the individual requesting assistance. Thank you!
Want to post a request here? Fill out the Request Aid form.