About the Rocky Mountain Pod Project

In early 2020, within the Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid Network, an idea was planted to create resilient neighborhood groups. This idea has sprouted and grown into the Rocky Mountain Pod Project. We believe that a culture of belonging is the foundation of deep systemic health. We’ve noticed a problem across many groups that we’ve been a part of: they lack sufficient resources for connective intelligence. We have seen so many small groups fall apart or struggle due to interpersonal challenges, embodied shame, or burnout that could have been avoided if the people involved could have practiced more honesty and vulnerability with each other.

So, we decided to focus on providing training and support to help small groups develop their connective intelligence. We believe that if we are to reshape our socio-economic system to be regenerative, rather than degenerative, we must start with our relationships.

To achieve this, we are bringing together the tools of authentic relating, sustainability, activism, and mutual aid. We believe that relational technologies are absolutely essential but often lack an explicit connection to social or environmental change. We believe that activities centered around social and environmental justice have their intentions in the right place but often express toxic relationship dynamics that cause unnecessary pain and failure.

Our Core Values

Holistic Resiliency

By forming into small, tight-knit groups that are empowered with the tools for creating deep, sustainable relationships, we can form strong networks of people who will be able to weather the coming challenges of our time.

Wellbeing for all

By cultivating a culture of deep relational connectedness, truthfulness, and mutual support (both emotionally and materially), we can create a society where everyone is genuinely taken care of, where no one is left behind, and where the emotional and physical wellbeing of every human and non-human is tended to and supported.

Capacity to act

By supporting each other and sharing in genuine wellness and resiliency, we can create a greater capacity to act in ways that will benefit the Earth and all beings.

We envision a world where humans return to right relationship with each other and the more-than-human world.